Elise Rivet

Elise Rivet

elise rivet2

A brave and dedicated woman who eventually sacrificed her own life for the safety of others. After the fall of the French Third Republic to Nazi Germany in World War II, she began hiding refugees from the Gestapo and eventually used her convent to store weapons and ammunition for the Mouvements Unis de la Résistance (MUR) at the request of Albert Chambonnet.


– On March 24, 1944, she and her assistant were arrested by the Gestapo and taken to the Montluc prison in Lyon. Next she was taken to Romainville, before being shipped to Ravensbrück concentration camp near Berlin, Germany.

– There, stripped of her religious garments, she was forced into hard labor. Rivet volunteered to go to the gas chamber on March 30, 1945, in place of a mother only weeks before Germany surrendered unconditionally. She was 55 years old.

– In 1961, the government of France honored her with her portrait on a Heroes of the Resistance postage stamp. A street bearing her name was inaugurated in Brignais (Lyon) on December 2, 1979. In 1997, she was posthumously awarded the Médaille des Justes.



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